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Dr Steven J. Enticott is the Senior Partner and founder (1999) of CIA Tax (www.ciatax.com.au), a personal tax-based business and investment practice.

Being an independent licensed financial advisor (DiPFS) specialising in tax-effective investment, as well as having a noteworthy academic background in related fields (comprising a Doctorate, an MBA and several Diplomas), Dr Enticott has a unique ability to communicate complex financial concepts in clear and practical ways that everyone can understand.

There are few members of this industry that are able to provide holistic financial advice. By combining a successful accountancy career and broad finance-industry experience with the academic rigour required for significant further study in the field of finance, not to mention being a fiercely independent financial advisor, has successfully provided Dr Enticott with the critical qualities needed to effectively write about successful financial management.

While successful financial management and money making come naturally to some, it is a rare individual that can be a successful financial manager while also being able to relate to a client, understand their often complex financial affairs as well as their goals and dreams, and express it all simply and efficiently, and in way that will enable them to make their dreams come true.

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Financial Distraction

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Dr Steven J Enticott

Dr Steven J Enticott

Steve Enticott provides his advice with the practical optimism that is his guiding philosophy:
"Do Something – NEVER DO NOTHING."

For any Australian looking for a practical, easy to understand guide to achieving financial freedom, Financial Distraction is a must read.

Tony Rumble, PhD
Founder, ASX Listed Products Accreditation Course

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